Fees and payment

2022 Program fees – International students

Foundation studies programs 2022 program fees*
Foundation Studies Program A$28,000

Two-Stage diploma programs

Two stage diploma programs

Stage 1 program fees

Stage 2 program fees


Diploma of Business Studies

A$25,700 (A$3,212.5 per module)

A$32,700 (A$4,087.50 per module)

0.125 per module

Diploma of Computing & IT Studies

A$25,700 (A$3,212.50 per module)

$33,900 (A$4,237.50 per module)

0.125 per module

ICHM Tertiary Preparation Program



0.125 per module

One year diploma programs

One year diploma programs

2022 program fees*


Diploma of Business

A$32,700 (A$4,087.50 per module)

0.125 per module

Diploma of Computing & IT

A$33,900 (A$4,237.50 per module)

0.125 per module

Diploma of Engineering

A$35,700 (A$4,462.50 per module)

0.125 per module

English language preparation

English language preparation

2022 program fees*

English for General Purposes

A$400 per week

English for Academic Purposes Preparation

A$400 per week

English for Academic Purposes

A$400 per week

Other fees

Other fees

2022 program fees*

Overseas Student Health Cover (single cover)

A$642 / year

Accommodation Processing Fee (includes airport pick up)


Welfare and Accommodation Monitoring Fee (for students under 18 years)

A$35 per week

Locker Hire (ELICOS, Foundation and Diploma Students)

$20 per year-$10 refunded after return of key

Replacement of ID Card


Application for Exam Deferral

$50 per module

Application for Documents

Replacement of Testamur $50
Replacement of Transcript/Academic Record or Report $20
HEP & FSP Graduation CD $20
Course Information Booklet $20

Foundation Studies Only

Approx. $185 (Texas Instruments Graphic Calculator)


Biology, Physics, Chemistry (Approx. $70 per module)
Students will not be charged when they are undertaking online study as they will be provided with online resources.


* Fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change.


2022 fees*

Adelaide Student Lodge

A$330 - $350 per week


A$290 per week with meals, $200 per week cook your own meals

Student Residences and Apartments

$145 - $450 per week depending on location and room type

2022 Program fees – domestic students


2022 program fees*

Diploma Stage 1


Diploma of Business


Diploma of Computing & IT


Diploma of Engineering


Foundation Studies Program


* Fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

For enquiries regarding Australian student tuition fees, please email: eynesbury@navitas.com

Payment options

Western Union GlobalPay for Students, BPAY, and credit card (visa & mastercard only – we do not accept AMEX)


For returning student, payment can be made via Eynesbury College Student Portal (all of the above payment methods)


2. Western Union (WU) GlobalPay for Students

WU GlobalPay for Students is Eynesbury’s preferred payment method for international students. You can pay fees using your home currency or another international currency from your bank account, credit card or e-wallet.

      a. Visit the WU GlobalPay for Students payment portal - you can also use the Pay Now button or the QR code located on this page to access the portal.

WU QR Code

b.      Make sure you enter your full name and your reference number included in Section 4 of your initial letter of offer – this ensures there is no delay in processing your payment.

c.       You will receive your payment instructions via email from WU GlobalPay for Students.  The exchange rate quoted on the payment instructions remains fixed for 72 hours.

d.      Follow the payment instructions to make your transfer via WU GlobalPay for Students.

e.      Once funds are received, WU GlobalPay for Students will pass the payment to Eynesbury and send you a confirmation of payment.  You can track the status of your payment at any time by visiting: https://student.globalpay.wu.com/#!/tracking

Visit WU® GlobalPay for Students FAQ page for guidance on frequently asked questions.

Alternatively, please email GPStudents@westernunion.com or call +61 2 8585 7221 Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm AEST.

3. Payment via Credit card

To make a payment by credit card, please email Eynesbury College Student Services at studentservices@eynesbury.sa.edu.au.  Or in person, Reception, Ground Floor, 16-20 Coglin Street, Adelaide.


To make payment via BPAY, call your bank to make payment from your cheque or savings account and use the following details:

(Please note the Reference number is the number included in Section 4 of your initial offer).

Biller Code: 17822

Reference: check your offer letter or Provisional Invoice

Or change as below from the website:

BPAY(via phone or internet banking)

BPAY is the online payment system in Australia which enables you to pay a bill using Australian bank account.

Eynesbury BPAY biller code is: 17822

BPAY reference number: check your offer letter or provisional invoice

a.     You must complete the Electronic commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) . Please check deadlines for submission with Student & Academic Services at studentservices@eynesbury.sa.edu.au, or go to Reception at Ground Floor, Coglin Street campus. 

b.         Note: this is only available for Australian Citizens in a Diploma program with an Australian Tax File number. Please apply for Unique Student Identifier (USI) and provide it when you accept your offer letter.  You must provide your USI no later than census date

For all payment enquiries please contact Student & Academic Services at studentservices@eynesbury.sa.edu.au, or go to Reception at Ground Floor, Coglin Street campus.