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Important dates

Diploma and Foundation Studies Program

Orientation: 14th and 15th February

Classes Start: 19th February

Classes End: 17th May

Exam Period: 20th – 24th May

Trimester break: 27th May – 14th June

Census Date (Last day to withdraw): 17th March

Orientation: 12th and 13th June

Classes Start: 17th June

Classes End: 20nd September

Exam period: 18th – 22nd September

Trimester break: 23th September – 4th October

Census Date (Last day to withdraw): 14th July

Orientation: 2nd and 3rd October

Classes Start: 8th October

Classes End: 24th January 2025

Christmas break: 25th December – 5th January 2025

Exam Period: 22nd January – 25th January 2025

Trimester Break: 27th January – 14th February 2025

Census Date (Last day to withdraw): 1st November

Orientation: 12th and 13th February

Classes Start: 17th February

Classes End: 6th June

Exam Period: 19th May – 23rd May

Trimester break: 26th May – 13th June

Census Date (Last day to withdraw): 14th March

Orientation: 11th and 12th June

Classes Start: 16th June

Classes End: 19th September

Exam Period: 15th September – 19th September

Trimester break: 22nd September – 6th October

Census Date (Last day to withdraw): 7th July

Orientation: 1st and 2nd October

Classes Start: 7th October

Classes End: 23rd January 2026

Christmas break: 22nd December – 4th January 2026

Exam Period: 19th January – 23rd January 2026

Trimester break:  26th January – 13th February 2026

Census Date (Last day to withdraw): 27th October



Classes start: 29th April 2024

Classes end: 31st May 2024

Classes start: 3rd June 2024

Classes end: 5th July 2024

Classes start: 22nd July 2024

Classes end: 23rd August 2024

Classes start: 26th August 2024

Classes end: 27th September 2024

Classes start: 8th October 2024

Classes end: 8th November 2024

Classes start:  11th November 2024

Classes end: 13th December 2024



Classes start: 6th January 2025

Classes end: 7th February 2025

Classes start: 10th February 2025

Classes end: 14th March 2025

Classes Start: 5th May 2025

Classes End: 6th June 2025

Classes start:  5th May 2025

Classes End: 6th June 2025

Classes start:  10th June 2025

Classes End: 11th July 2025

Classes start:  21st July 2025

Classes End: 22nd August 2025

Classes start: 25th August 2025

Classes End: 26th September 2025

Classes start:  7th October 2025

Classes end: 7th November 2025

Classes start: 10th November 2025

Classes end: 12th December 2025

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