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Application Process

1.  Choose your Eynesbury College pathway program and your bachelor’s program at one of our partner universities:

2.  Check your eligibility

3.  Prepare certified copies of your supporting documents

  • High school or academic transcripts
  • Translations of documents
  • Evidence of English
  • Proof of Citizenship

4.  Apply online or through a registered Eynesbury College representative

  • Student can apply online via the Application Portal
  • Apply through an Eynesbury College representative. Find an agent.
  • Please note, applications should be received at least 45 days before you wish to commence your studies as the visa processing time may vary. Please refer to our important dates  for our upcoming intakes.
  • Successful applicants will be sent a Letter of Offer within 24-48 hours if supporting documents are complete
  • There may be delays during peak periods, or if further checks are required. Please note it can take up to 10 working days to process your application if you seek credit or exemptions
  • If you have not received a response within 10 working days, please email or contact your representative

Applicant Declaration

I declare the information I have supplied on this form is, to the best of my understanding and belief, complete and correct. I understand that giving false or incomplete information may lead to my application being refused or my enrolment cancelled. I have read and understood the relevant program information and I have sufficient information about Eynesbury to enrol. I understand that the pathway may lead to future studies at the University of Adelaide or the University of South Australia, subject to the universities’ entry requirements. I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain valid Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). I also understand that if I am no longer enrolled at Eynesbury, my OSHC membership can be transferred. I understand that if I have applied through an approved Eynesbury agent, all correspondence relating to my application will be forwarded to that agent. I understand that Eynesbury fees may increase. I accept liability for payment of all fees as explained in the Eynesbury brochure, and I agree to abide by the Fee Refund Policy. I have read the cost-of-living information and I understand that living expenses in Australia may be higher than in my own country. I confirm that I am able to meet these expenses. I have understood and I accept the Conditions of Enrolment. I understand that Eynesbury may, by written notice, vary its conditions as may be necessary to comply with any law or regulation, or amendment of any law or regulation, of the Commonwealth of Australia or the State of South Australia. I give permission for Eynesbury, the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia to obtain official records from any educational institution attended by me, and to supply my contact details and any relevant official records to educational institutions I am eligible to gain admission to. I authorise Eynesbury to provide my personal information, including my contact details and enrolment details, to third parties in accordance with Eynesbury’s Privacy policy and I authorise those third parties to provide my personal information to Eynesbury. These third parties include Eynesbury representatives (agents) acting on my behalf: The University of Adelaide or the University of South Australia (to facilitate progression from Eynesbury to the next stage of my studies); and Navitas Pty Limited and its affiliate (to communicate regarding pathways and services offered by Navitas Pty Limited and its related companies). In the event of any suspected breach of my student visa conditions, I authorise Eynesbury and the aforementioned third parties to provide my personal information, including my contact details and enrolment details, to the Australian Government’s designated authorities, the Tuition Assurance Scheme and the ESOS Assurance Fund Manager. I give permission for Eynesbury to obtain records and information from my current OSHC provider (if applicable). I also agree that Eynesbury is able to exchange information with my OSHC provider with respect to meeting my visa requirements and maintaining my OSHC cover. I understand that any conditions concerning an offer of admission will be contained in my letter of offer from Eynesbury, which I will be required to read, sign and meet prior to CoEs being issued. I understand that should we accept any offer of admission there may be field trips and excursions and I hereby grant permission for my daughter / son to attend.