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Arrival and Accommodation

Once you arrive in Australia we want to help you get safely to your new accommodation.

COVID-19 update

Important information

Before arriving in Australia we ask all students to keep up to date with the latest information about vaccination status, travel restrictions and exemptions in the light of the global COVID-19 pandemic. As the situation develops, requirements may change which may impact your arrival. Study Adelaide has collated all information you need to know as an international student arriving in Adelaide. You can also find up-to-date information on travel restrictions on the Department of Home Affairs website.

Airport pickup service

Book transfer straight to your accommodation

Once you arrive at Adelaide Airport, an Eynesbury Representative can be organised to meet you in the arrival hall and make sure you are safely transferred to your accommodation. If you have been placed into accommodation by the Eynesbury Accommodation Office, airport reception and transfer to your accommodation will be arranged automatically.

If you require airport pick-up and have arranged your own accommodation, a fee applies for this service and you will need to contact the Accommodation Office to book airport transfer at

A confirmation of accommodation and airport reception (including emergency contact details) will then be sent to you when the airport pick up has been booked. Be sure to tell us these details well in advance of your arrival.


A home away from home

Whether you want to share your new life with other students, or prefer to live alone, there are several accommodation options when studying at Eynesbury College.

Students under the age of 18, who choose to have Eynesbury monitor their welfare and accommodation, are required to live in Eynesbury approved accommodation.
There are a range of affordable and safe accommodation options available for students:

  • Adelaide Student Lodge (available for under 18s)
  • Homestay (available for under 18s)
  • Student apartments
  • Student Hostels
  • Private rental accommodation

Our accommodation and wellbeing officers are available to help you find your perfect accommodation and make sure you make a safe transition into your new life in Adelaide.

Find out more about accommodation.

Settling into your new life

Emotional preparation

New international students often experience an initial period of adjustment and “culture shock” when first arriving. This is a perfectly normal experience for anyone when they first adjust to a new country and culture.

Some symptoms of culture shock include:

  • feelings of cultural isolation
  • missing family and friends
  • panic and anxiety
  • loss of appetite/overeating
  • loneliness
  • feeling confused, depressed and disorientated.

As you become more familiar with the surroundings you will feel more at ease with yourself and with others, the excitement of making new friends and exploring the Australian way of life will start to grow. The key to managing new experiences is to be as prepared as possible and to sometimes expect the ‘unfamiliar’ as well as to share your experiences with others.

We understand such feelings and experiences can be difficult to manage. Should you feel that you are caught in an emotional low please speak with the Student Counsellor, Program Coordinator or with any other member of staff who will be able to offer you support and advice.

For information about the indicative cost of living in Australia, please visit Study Australia’s website.

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