Corporate and Academic Governance

Eynesbury College Board of Directors

The governing body of Educational Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd (EEA), trading as Eynesbury College is the Navitas University Partnerships Australasia Board, referred to as the EEA Board. The Board of Directors oversees Eynesbury College quality across all of its operations, including viability and sustainability, risk management, academic governance and leadership, complaints and grievances and compliance with the Higher Education Standards Framework. The members are:

  • Mr Malcom Baigent (CEO, University Partnerships Australasia)
  • Mr Brett Hutchinson (Executive General Manager Finance UPA)
  • Emeritus Professor Ronald Oliver (Independent Chair)
  • Ms Leigh Pointon, (Executive General Manager University Partnerships Australasia, Navitas)
  • Professor Sally Kift (Director)

Academic Board

The Eynesbury College Academic Board reports to the EEA Board of Directors and includes external members:

  • Dr Jan Keightley (Chair)
  • Mr Brian Ng
  • Dr Malgorzata Korolkiewicz
  • Dr Manjula Dissanayake
  • Dr Malgorzata Korolkiewicz
  • Ms Sue Petty¬†